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Laser Teeth Whitening

A bright white, confident smile creates the best possible impression to all people you come in contact with, and here at VISAGE we can help you to regain the confidence that may have gone with gradual teeth discoloration. Inevitably the consumption of coffee, red wine, tobacco and other food and drink types discolour your teeth over time, that even regular brushing wont remove.

But now the cosmetic bright teeth whitening system, the effect of time can be turned back quickly and easily to give you back that dazzling, confident smile.

The cosmetic bright system utilises patented lens shaped mouth pieces which holds foam strips impregnated with hydrogen peroxide gel. Simple, sterile and comfortable to use, each mouthpiece is supplied for the exclusive use of one client only and it is the simplest, most user-friendly and effective system on the market for professional teeth whitening. They hydrogen peroxide gel is fully activated by means of an optimal band width LED catalyst lamp that preads the heat and UV rays perfectly over the smile area of the top and bottom teeth via the lens shaped focal window of the mouthpiece.

Fantastic results usually visible after just one 20 minute session.

Course of 2 treatments - £130.00
Course of 4 treatments - £250.00
Course of 5 treatments - £250.00

Special Offer ...
3 for price of 2 - £130.00
5 for price of 4 - £210.00

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