Welcome to Visage

You are welcomed to our sanctuary at Visage, with sincerity and warmth. We offer an extensive range of relaxation & beauty treatments and body & mind therapies. We pride ourselves on using organic products for our beauty treatments. Our aim is to help people individually and as a team in order to get the most appropriate treatment for you. We will help you to be the best you can be physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Visage is a small therapy centre, set in a unique building. Each room is cosy and very comfortable. The therapy treatment couches are imported from the USA. They are very well padded, accommodating people up to 6" 6'. Another wonderful benefit is they convert to pregnancy massage couches; yes–you get to lie on your stomach.

For those who are interested in the energy of a building, Visage has been set to Feng Shui principles, with all geopathic stress removed. For those who go what’s that all about? – the building is warm and welcoming.

All the therapists who work from Visage are highly qualified. Sometimes to bring you back to perfect health and balance you may need a combination of the treatments we have on offer. We will work together as a team to create this for you.

Our team

Cheryl Hinde (Homeopathy)
Margaret Moore (Traditional Chinese Acupuncture)
Rezwana Patterson (Hypnotherapy, AtlasPROfilax, Muscular skeletal alignment and Massage)
Bridie Lawson (Beauty therapies, Reflexology and Sports Massage)

Address ...

Visage Therapy Centre
Elm Tree House
Crown Street
Cumbria  CA13 0EH

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t: 01900 822078
e: info@visagetherapy.com