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Welcome to Visage

You are welcomed to our sanctuary at Visage, with sincerity and warmth. We offer an extensive range of relaxation & beauty treatments and body & mind therapies. We pride ourselves on using organic products for our beauty treatments. Our aim is to help people individually and as a team in order to get the most appropriate treatment for you. We will help you to be the best you can be physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Visage is a small therapy centre, set in a unique building. Each room is cosy and very comfortable. The therapy treatment couches are imported from the USA. They are very well padded, accommodating people up to 6" 6'. Another wonderful benefit is they convert to pregnancy massage couches; yes–you get to lie on your stomach.

For those who are interested in the energy of a building, Visage has been set to Feng Shui principles, with all geopathic stress removed. For those who go what’s that all about? – the building is warm and welcoming.

All the therapists who work from Visage are highly qualified. Sometimes to bring you back to perfect health and balance you may need a combination of the treatments we have on offer. We will work together as a team to create this for you.

Our team

Rezwana PattersonRezwana Patterson

I have been working from visage for years, !!! growing in knowledge and experience.

My amazing body work has evolved to further training in muscular skeletal alignment, working on the alignment of the bones with the muscles, for greater flexiblity and movement.

I trained in a revolutionary treatment of atlas correction. You can learn more about that Atlas correction treatment here

I trained in all the levels of Anat Baniel in neuromoverment, a cutting edge science based approach, by accessing the amazing powers of the brain to change itself, remapping the body, enhancing physical, cognitive, creative performance.

I specialise in children with special needs to create more ease & joy in their bodies & minds

Learning accesss consciousness has been the greatest facilitator of choice and possibility, clear your head, be you, choose you. I teach & Facilitate the bars, body healing processes .

Quantum reflex integration

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Nanette DoldersonNanette Dolderson
I have over 20 years experience in the field of beauty and holistic health care. Within the time of being a beauty therapist i have worked in beauty salons, spa’s and cruise ships which has given me a lot of experience.
My journey has more recently made me more aware of ingredients and now prefer natural organic products. Neils yard.

peter thompsonPeter Thompson
I have been working as an acupuncturist and healer for over 21 years. In that time I have continually trained and developed my practice in the healing arts. I first experienced acupuncture when I had treatment for low energy levels and stress. Through treatment I learned a great deal about myself. My energy levels improved in away that my friends noticed and I became more relaxed. I was hooked! I started training and the rest - as they say - is history.

GythaGytha Wood
My Holistic journey at Visage this past year has allowed me to explore the power of Holistic Therapy and its philosophy: Even from the smallest of treatments, there is potential to transform a clients day/perspective/outlook and lust for life- This I love to see and be apart of. 
There is real power in all of our treatments here and this is why our clients return, seeking the healing and advice at hand. 
My career is my passion and a continuous journey - that is its beauty.


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