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The Spine is like a chain. When the first link is twisted and turned each link down to the last turns consider the atlas as the first and therefore most important link in the chain. The Human Body is balanced when the head is positioned in-between the centre of the feet. When the Atlas is misaligned, it causes the head to tilt, the spine then shifts to support the weight of the head, causing bio-mechanical postural stresses and strains.

When the atlas is in the proper alignment i.e. The neutral position-The rest of the vertebrae comes into a better spinal alignment allowing the body to start to heal the delicate and complex nervous systems of the body.

atlas profilax
atlas allignment
atlas profilax
atlas reallignment
atlas allignment
atlas allignment

ABM Neuromovement For Children with Special Needs with Rezwana

For Children with Special Needs. A Child’s brain with brain injury, autism, CP, genetic disorders etc. can heal, grow and develop given the right conditions. This is where I step in; My son was born with mild Cerebral Palsy and development delay.

I read Worman Boldge’s book, ‘The Brain that healed itself’; through this I discovered brain plasticity and its workings.

What exactly is Brain Plasticity?

A child with special needs results in the brain nerve (neural) connection fire off in a disorganised way.

ANAT BANIEL methods allow for gentle, organised movements to remap and feed the brain with developmental learning that is not available to a special needs child.

As the brain takes in the new information, the brain, ‘wakes up’- new neural connections are made. In which, the brain begins to change, becoming stronger, organised and positive changes begin to occur.

My son learnt to read and write aged 10. In 8 months of ABM, fine motor skills were improved. He could now understand and sentence structure. As well as perform more than one task at a time.

Lesson length is on average 45 mins. Sometimes the lesson is shorter when a child has absorbed all the neuromovement information and the brain is saturated.

Spinal Flow Technique
ABM Neuromovement For Children with Special Needs

Now I Offer This Journey To You And Your Child

  • Children with brain injuries, C.P. etc. can learn now to move in ways that were ‘impossible’ before.

  • Children with genetic disorders, developmental delay- can now learn to read, write and have a greater understanding.

  • Children with Autism can learn to connect themselves to the outside world.

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