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beautyThe skin is the largest organ in the body; we release our toxins and environmental dirt through our skin. This can be speeded up with our facials, leaving skin feeling clean, lighter and revitalised, improving circulation and re-hydrating the skin giving a clearer glowing complexion. With all our facials we always steam with vapour zone, this is essential to opening the pores of the skin allowing congestion our and letting the skin breathe again. We also do a second ozone steam which then closes the pores and puts an anti-bacterial protection over the skin.

Visage Signature Aroma Steam Facial £40.00
Specifically designed for deep cleansing effect; with steam to clean and extract blocked pores, aromatherapy facial massage and rejuvenating mask.

Gentlemen’s Deep Exfoliating Facial £40.00
A deep cleansing treatment with steam to clean and unblock pores. Aromatherapy facial massage and rejuvenating mask. We add in deep a exfoliating scrub with gentle brush scrubbing to really release the old skin and stimulate the sluggish circulation to bring the flow of nutritious blood to the surface.

facial-specialSteam Cleanse £25.00
Mini facial, deep pore cleansing and deep cleansing mask

Facial Special £50.00
Any of the above facials with all eyelash tinting, brow tints, brow shaping and facial waxing included.

Re-affirming Mask Facial £47.00
Perfect for unbalanced and oily skin, also effective on open pores and breakouts. Active vegetable and charcoal absorb impurities and excess oil from the pores while ensuring the skin is not dehydrated and left nourished.

Organic Facial & Back Massage - £45.00
Mini Neals Yard Facial including cleansing, exfoliation, prescriptive mask and moisture. Deeply cleansing and rejuvanative. Sink into bliss with a back, neck and shoulder massage, concentrating on the areas of stress.

Re-generation Mask Facial £43.00
This mask is designed to be used on any age group of any type of skin, from acne prone to delicate skin. the active ingredients in the mask organically produce flax and Aloe-vera, which when combined produce cell regeneration as well as soothing and toning the skin.

Facial Acupuncture “The New Facelift” £50.00
Forget saving up for your Botox or face lift; facial acupuncture is the treatment of the future. The needles are inserted into wrinkles and frown lines eventually making them vanish. “Facial Acupuncture” stimulates the cells to day down new collagen fibres under wrinkles thereby filling them in. The needles relax muscles which combats sagging in facial areas. The result is amazing.




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