LVL Eyelash Treatment

Is a 1hr long procedure, very similar to perming but we use a use a silicon pad, which lifts each individual lash adding an appearance of volume to your lashes.
You can choose which size of pad to use small, medium, and large. Depending on how much of a intensity of lift required.
Once the lift has developed an eyelash tint is applied.
This treatment gives you a lovely wide opened bright eye look. The lashes feel very comfortable and lvl gives your own lashes a beautiful enhanced volume and lift.

LVL Eyelash Treatment

The lift lasts 6 to 8 weeks and costs £30.
Patch test is required at least 48hrs prior.

Individual eyelashes

We use lash perfect fine lashes available in different lengths, which give a natural enhance length and volume to your lashes.
They are glued in one at a time with high grade surgical glue, hitching a ride onto your own lashes untill your own lash falls out naturaly.
The upmost care and attention is given to glue one lash onto one natural lash to give a comfortable non irratating wearability.
Perfect for every day confidence, fantastic for special occasions to give your eyes the wow factor.

LVL Eyelash Treatment
First treatment full set £55
Top up sessions every 3 weeks £45

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