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Muscular Skeletal Alignment1. MUSCULAR SKELETAL ALIGNMENT

Say goodbye to neck and back ache!

This is a muscular and skeletal alignment technique. It is used to decongest the organs from only possible toxins and waste and to re-establish the subtle flow of energy that supports the organs. Even though it is very gentle it has powerful and sometimes spectacular effects. It has been used for many dysfunctions, excelling in genealogical problems and fertility issues.

Creative healing is not something new. Its founder, Joseph Stephenson, felt it was a lost ancient art, though it has a similarity to ayurvedic Indian medicine. He labelled it ‘creative healing’ — it’s amazing at bringing the body, its structure, organs, muscles, nerves and blood flows back into balance and reinforcing them to work as their genetic blue print has encoded it.

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042. ATLAS PROfilax

A unique, effective, non-medical method which promotes health and self-healing ... but, if not in its correct position, is responsible for a large number of painful medical conditions and illnesses.

The first cervical vertebrae of the neck, called the atlas, resting upon the second cervical vertebrae known as the axis.

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Improve your mind, memory, focus, wake up your true potential
Improve your body, flexibility, posture
Restore movement, let go of stress, tightness in the muscles.
Let your brain body reconnect in new transforming ways.

The Anat Baniel method is a cutting edge , science based neuromoverment approach that transforms the lives of children and adults, helping them move beyond pain and limitation.

By accessing the amazing POWER OF THE BRAIN TO CHANGE ITSELF
The method helps people discover how to improve mind &body.
Dramatically enhancing physical, cognitive, performance.
Creativity, vitality, feeling alive are just a phone call away.

Through innovative movement lessons,and applying Anats 9 essentials of brain communication, you can create new neural patterns that increase, strength, flexibility and vital energy.

Whether you are in good health, had a stroke,or you or your child have had a limiting diagnosis, the method gives you tools to move through your limitations, making the impossible possible. Creating order out of the disorder.
Live life fully, success, mind, body, vitality are yours.

Consultation and movement lesson - £50.00
30 minute movement lesson - £25.00

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Please call us on 01900 822078 for more information about this treatment or click on the link below to view our Brain Body Connection website.

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Neuromovement for stroke and rehabilitation5. NEUROMOVEMENT FOR STROKE AND REHABILITATION AFTER INJURY

Please call us on 01900 822078 for more information about this treatment or click on the link below to view our Brain Body Connection website.

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HypnotherapyPic16. HYPNOTHERAPY

Hypnotherapy is a therapy using hypnosis not only to alleviate the symptoms but often uncover the cause of the problem ..

What the mind can conceive, the mind can achieve.

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