Pregnancy & Fertility

We offer treatments to assist with fertility as well as care for those in pregnancy.

Therapies for Pregnancy

Welcome to specialist massage in pregnancy. You may think of massage as indulgent. I know that if you have one massage every 3 to 4 weeks we can keep you mentally, emotionally and physically well. When I hear that women accept a ‘bad back’, ‘swollen legs and ankles’ as part of pregnancy I have
news for you - it doesn’t’ have to be like that. Our specialist treatment can eliminate most problems in pregnancy. In Asia and the East the focus is on the pregnant mother, she/you are creating the food and environment for your growing baby. If you are stressed, you baby feels the stress. From 4 months your baby’s nerves are developed enough to sense your feelings, so we need a relaxed and happy mummy.
Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Reiki and Bowen Techniques can be combined to make a 1½ hour treatment, with our bump-friendly bed.

Reflexology £40.00 / £45.00
Very important in pregnancy, as it releases swelling. and flushes toxins out of the kidneys and liver. This is very important as the cleaner the organs of the body, the less toxins gets into the uterus walls and into the babies blood stream.

Aromatherapy Massage £40.00 / £45.00 (Free pregnancy and birthing CD with first massage)
This is a relaxing massage with pressure to your taste, using special safe oils for pregnancy.

  • Cleans all the lymphatic filter which allows the safe elimination of toxins and waste, thereforereducing swelling.
  • Works on the coccyx keeping it clear of swollen tissue. Very important for the birthing process as it prevents back and nerve pain.
  • Keeping the spine flexible so the muscles aresoft and relaxed.
  • Pelvic alignment: as the pregnancy progressyour baby forces the pelvis to expand; alignmenthelps this process, making sure you have no backpain or pubic pain.
    A) Abdominal massage relaxes the muscles, so they can support the growing baby easily.
    B) Relaxing the digestive organs, stomach,spleen, pancreas and liver, reducing indigestionand heartburn.
    C) Drain excess fluid from the lower abdomen and pelvis.

Natural Fertility Treatments

At VISAGE we can address Fertility as soon as you have started trying to conceive, to get your body and mind into the best shape. The health of your body at the time of conception is the genetic health you pass on to your child. We understand if you have been trying for some time and what you thought was a ‘natural rite of passage’ is taking longer than expected, is very stressful, mentally and emotionally challenging.

Hypnotherapy & Stress Management
Using the power of our minds we can release any subconscious fears we hold about pregnancy, birth and motherhood. If we visualize something
happening enough, our bodies respond by carrying out our thoughts. We really can programme our bodies to conceive.

Relaxation to help you conceive CD - £10.00
1 hour - £45.00
1½ hour - £60.00
1 hour Hypnotherapy - £45.00
(+ FREE £10 Relaxation to help you conceive CD)

Therapies to support you through IVF

IVF can be very stressful and emotional process. At Visage we combat the stress and emotional tension in a variety of ways.
A brilliant CD to support you through every stage is at hand at Visage - £10.00

Nutritional Healing
Your body may be very acidic from the foods you eat, and from the inherence of our ancestors. An acidic body causes stagnation in the cells and candida can form to access in these conditions, so we gently cleanse the womb, liver and bowel with good healing foods.

We use the full range of therapies on offer at Visage to relax the body, flushing tension, stress, toxins and cellular waste out of the body.
A relaxed body is known to be better for embryo transfer and implantation.

Many women have had increased success with fertility and I.V.F. treatments due to acupuncture. A gentle relaxing treatment lasting around 60 minutes.

A recent study by professor Elianu Levitas on 185 women showed hypnotherapy increased the rate of I.V.F. success from 14% to 20%. You would have 2 hypnotherapy sessions before you start your I.V.F. cycle. You will have a personal CD to listen to at home. According to the leading fertility journal, women who undergo hypnosis during embryo transfer, increase the likelihood of conception. Rates of clinical implantation were both significantly higher in women who underwent hypnosis.
1 hour - £45.00
1 ½ hour - £65.00
Hypnotherapy 1 hour - £45.00
Hypnotherapy 1 ½ hour - £60.00

Atlasprofilax for fertility

I Rezwana, have successfully treated couples with the atlasprofilax realignment, who have gone on to naturally conceive. The timescale has been varied, depending on the complexity of the imbalance that has caused the problem. It does take time for the body to unwind heal and repair. Couples have had atlasprofilax alignment so they are in the best physical health before conceiving a child. The atlas realignment was discovered in 1993 by disabled Swiss doctor Rene-claudius Schuemperli. In his research, Schuemperli found that several advanced cultures of antiquity, particularly the Mayan and Egyptian cultures. Regularly practised, the manual repositioning techniques of the atlas . He further discovered that the atlas is probably dislocated within almost all
humans from birth which can entail in a chain reaction of symptomatic complaints, such as back problems, migraines, psychological complaints, complaints of the neck, spinal column, knee and hip joints.

This has a direct effect on the psyche and organs, since this disconnection disturbs internal body communication, and disrupts the whole nervous system. By correcting the atlas bone to, this chronic long-disturbed internal communication can return to perfect function in the nerve channels on all levels.

As the atlas is fixed to the suspension of the spinal column, the body’s own healing forces activate to decrease stress responses and increase centring. This makes the body and mind freer, lighter and more fluid. Organs and skeleton realign, old tension patterns dissolve, posture changes ,and more energy is available to all parts of you. This is because the central nervous system is now able to transmit and receive at 100 percent efficiency throughout the whole body, mind, and soul.

Reproduced with the authors permission
“The power of Shakti” by Padma Aon Prakasha.

2 Sessions - £150.00

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