Pre- & Post-Operative

At Visage Therapy Centre we understand that going into hospital can be a very anxious and stressful time.

Stress lowers our immune system and depletes our vitamin levels. Not a good way to start, let alone get over and heal effectively from surgery.

Which therapies would help?

We can tailor make a programme to suit your needs. We would focus on getting your body stronger and healthy through Massage, Reflexology, muscular skeletal alignment; flushing your body of toxins at a deep cellular level; improving circulation and keeping lymphatic systems flowing. All the treatments have a deeply relaxing and calming effect to not only the body but the mind as well.
1 hour - £45.00 / £40.00
1 ½ hours - £55.00 / £65.00

Using your mind to keep you calm and relaxed

For those interested in preparing themselves mentally, we show them self-hypnosis and positive visualisation techniques. It has been proven that the more relaxed you are mentally and physically, the less blood and fluid you loose in surgery and the quicker you recover.

We have taught Post-Operative Healing
Visualisation to many who have recovered
from surgery at an astonishing rate. We have
worked with many before and after all joint
replacements with great success. All aspects
of surgery is greatly enhanced and postoperative
healing is encouraged by all the
therapies on offer.

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Visage Therapy Centre
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