Detox Treatments

We offer a range of detox treatments including body wrap and foot treatments.

Bio Energizer Detox Foot Treatment

Feeling tired, sluggish, fighting a cold, can’t get rid of a cough, retaining water in legs & body?
Loose all unwanted toxins.... The answer is at hand.

This treatment detoxifies the whole body. There are over 2,000 pores in the bottom of your feet. Modern lifestyle takes is toll on your body; pesticides, processed foods and chemicals etc., all of these block the flow of the lymph and blood circulations and flood cells with toxins. Come and relax for 40 - 45 minutes with soothing music and candlelight with your feet in the Detox Spa. The Bio Energizer transmits a safe and natural current through the water, up the body, kick starting the whole body to release all unwanted waste.


  • Helps Arthritis, Dermatitis & Eczema
  • Build up a healthy immune system
  • By releasing toxins you allow the body to rehydrate again
  • Improves blood circulation in the body
  • Increase food nutrient absorption
  • Helps release bloating & toxins in colon

One Treatment - £30.00
Three Treatments - £80.00

Organic Firming Body Wrap £45.00 (1 hr) or course of 4 treatments £160

This intensive detoxifying anti-cellulite therapy uses seaweed, Aloe-Vera, tea tree, ginger, peppermint and cinnamon to create a 100% organise body treatment. The body wrap is a spa treatment which allows us to squeeze all the toxins and tone up those fatty cellulite areas, leaving you with beautiful


toned skin. We will give you a good scrub with a body brush to stimulate circulation and remove any dead skin cells so the anti-cellulite gel can work to the best of its abilities. Once you have been de-scaled we can then apply the Detox Gel to your body and wrap you up nice and tight. We will leave you to
relax and detox while the gel gets to work.

Body Detox Scrub £40.00

Body brush to improve circulation and stimulate removal of toxins. Complete exfoliation to remove old dead skin cells, followed by a polishing moisturiser or oil to leave skin smooth and glowing.

Ultimate Organise Detox Combinations

Bio-Energizer Detox Spa and Organic Firming Body Wrap - £60.00
Bio-Energizer Detox Spa, Organic Firming Body Wrap and Organic Body Detox - £90.00

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