Children's Therapies

We love working with children and offer treatments ranging from newborn through to adolescents.

At Visage Therapy Centre, we understand how the immune system is developing. Our therapies start when we are newborn babies; the birthing process can leave their bodies a little out of alignment in the neck, head and pelvic region, which in turn can leave them suffering from colic which is waste and amniotic fluids.

Treatment for Babies with Colic / Birth Trauma

This technique clears all of these problems without causing distress to the new-born body, a must for a happy baby.
We understand how stress can severely hamper a child’s development. When your child has been unwell it is great to support their bodies physically back to health. Often after a heavy cold or fever, a child is very tired and it is at this time we can step in with many of our wonderful therapies.

Ear Candling

A wonderful relaxing treatment where a wax hollow candle impregnated with herbs, flows a cleaning herb filled smoke through the nose, ear,
throat and sinus tubes drawing out all excess ‘snot’ and mucus.
Many parents find that this treatment combined with pro bios mints halts persistent colds and runny noses.

Aromatherapy, reflexology, Indian head Massage

No child is too young to benefit from this wonderful combination treatment. A child who is ‘tired’, ‘worn out’ or getting over a fever or a cold will benefit amazingly.


Children are very sensory beings, they feel their emotions but cannot always express them, and when they do you are often at a loss as to what to do about it. Help is at hand… Homeopathy is a great answer to solving physical, mental, anxiety and lack of confidence issues is children. Seeing believes.


This will flush all excess toxins which build up to form fevers and colds. This soothing massage relaxes the spine and makes sure the nerves flowing all around the body are doing their job properly.


This flushes all excess toxins, relaxes the nervous system, relaxing the muscles and really pushes ‘locked in stress’ from the body, which is great for the
digestive system.

Indian Head Massage

This relaxes the neck, head and scalp muscles helping relieve headaches and stress from too much thinking.

Exam Stress and Nerves

This is a challenging time in the life of an adolescent. Do not let things build up in your body and mind, come and learn E.F.T., hypnotherapy and personal development techniques to cope with challenging times. De-clutter your mind so your exam information can go in.

Come and relax with these therapies for all-round benefit:
30 mins - £20.00
45 mins - £28.00

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